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Are SEO And PPC Fraternal Twins?

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

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Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, and pay per click advertising, more commonly known as PPC, have long been advertised together by marketing companies as being very different. Utilizing both forms of Internet marketing will significantly increase your web traffic, but are these two forms of marketing really that different?

To gain an appreciation and understanding of SEO and PPC, it helps to look at where the two forms of Internet marketing cross as opposed to always trying to keep them separated. While they may look different and have different structures, their purposes are the same and they share several traits that bind them together.

Keywords Are King

In both SEO and PPC marketing, keywords are king. Even with all of the algorithm changes Google has made over the years, SEO content still requires keywords to get your website higher up on the search engine results pages. The entire concept of PPC advertising is based on utilizing proper keywords and speaking directly to a target audience. The primary tie that binds between SEO and PPC is the use of keywords and without keywords neither marketing approach is possible.

Constant Program Modification

When marketing experts utilize SEO and PPC marketing, they are constantly checking the web traffic results and altering keywords to try and increase traffic. By looking at an increase in traffic after the start of a PPC campaign or the addition of SEO content, a marketing professional can see what kind of impact each program has had on traffic. After analyzing the results, the marketing experts can change or adjust keywords to bring in even more traffic and make each campaign even more successful.

Generating Interest From Web Traffic

Both PPC campaigns and SEO content are designed to bring more traffic to your site and help interest that traffic in your business. Marketing experts would use both types of campaigns to deliver sales pitches and get traffic to sign up for newsletters and email lists on the company’s website. The approach used by the two types of marketing programs may be different, but the goal of increasing customer interest in a company website is the same.

Both Use Organic Keyword Approaches

Organic keywords are keywords that develop strength over time thanks to persistent work by marketing professionals. Both PPC and SEO tactics demand organic keywords if they are going to be successful. It takes time to create successful SEO and PPC campaigns and that time is spent developing powerful organic keywords.

Their Power Is In Where They Differ

SEO & PPCThere are many common elements between PPC and SEO campaigns, but it is where they differ that makes them so effective together. It is much easier to monitor the keyword effectiveness of a PPC campaign than it is an SEO program because you can attach metrics measurements directly to a PPC campaign, which is something that cannot be done with SEO content.

Evergreen SEO content is designed to bring traffic to a website for many years, while PPC campaigns build off one another and last for a limited period of time. This approach helps marketing experts to utilize the two methods together to bring in a significant amount of traffic.

Using Both Is The Answer To Your Web Traffic Issues

Internet marketing experts use PPC and SEO campaigns together because they compliment each other very well and can often bring in a string of powerful results. You could use just a PPC campaign and get your website to the top of the search engine results page, or you could use both PPC and SEO and get your website listed several times on the search engine results pages.

The power in PPC and SEO is their ability to offer similar traits that bring consistent results, but still maintain separate methods that can scatter your website all over the Internet. By utilizing these marketing fraternal twins, you more than double the power of your Internet marketing and get your website more traffic than you ever could have imagined. When you work with Internet marketing experts to design a comprehensive campaign that will bring you the traffic you want, remember to use PPC and SEO tactics together to get the maximum results.