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Five Blunders to Avoid in Internet Marketing

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

Internet marketing is as important, if not more so, than traditional newspaper, television, commercial or billboard marketing. Advertising agencies make billions of dollars each year assisting businesses with the marketing of their product. Technology has become the means on which most advertising agencies build theOKC SEO Agency foundation of their strategies and by which most people research and shop so a successful marketing strategy is critical for any business, from the most simple start-up to the most established businesses.
Starting a business is something that requires not only an idea, but a plan. Establishing goals must include a marketing plan and, in this day and time, Internet marketing is one of the most imperative goals that must be included.

1. Poor Web Design
If a business begins and decides to plan its own Internet marketing plan, one of the most common blunders that is made is poor web design. Or, old website designs that are outdated are another mistake. An old website design must be updated for a variety of reasons.
The main reason is that Google, Yahoo and other top search engines look for and prefer new web content. Citing old content not only influences the business but also the search engine that places it in an optimum place when researchers are using that search engine. Plain and simple – Internet users are searching for the best and most current products and depend on the search engine as if they were searching the Yellow Pages for a phone number. If they use a search engine that provides old information, it seems to the client as if the business and the search engine don’t care enough to “do the homework” for their clients. It’s as if they aren’t interested in providing the most cutting-edge information for today’s clients, who are on the cutting edge of technology.

2.Creating Websites with Little or No Call to Purchase
Consumers also expect and want search engines to provide websites that are not only providing cutting-edge and current information, but websites that will be easy to use and friendly to the user, providing information in a way that allows consumers to purchase the product in an easy and safe way. Easy, as in a website that is user-friendly and safe, as in safe to make purchases. Websites need to have safe encryption sites that provide ways for the client to purchase products without the danger of identity theft. Usually, there will be passwords, secret security questions, and other similar ways to insure that you are the person using your credit or bank information. Another thing that clients are impressed with is a way to ask questions; the website could provide 24/7 FAQ sections or, ideally, live chat representatives, to answer questions about the products. Your website needs to create a response from the consumer to reply because of the information they have learned, better yet, a phone call or visit in person.

3. Underestimating Internet Marketing Costs
One of the worst blunders that any business can make is to begin an Internet marketing campaign with a small budget in mind that does not accomplish the goals. Obviously, new businesses have to consider budgets but marketing the business is one of the most important aspects of beginning the business. Internet marketing can be accomplished with a reasonable budget, but the first thing that the administrators need to do is begin with a list of goals – what things should the Internet marketing campaign accomplish? Implementing a winning strategy will only be beneficial to your bottom line!

4. Creating Websites with Low Search Engine Optimization (Keyword Usage, Etc.)
Of course, introducing the product and answering at least the top ten questions is critical, but from the standpoint of the administrators, turning introductions and question answering into sales is the critical turning point. So, obviously, this also needs to be a primary goal. And number one on the list of goals: Search Engine Optimization! If consumers or prospective customers don’t know that your product is being offered, then all of this work is for nothing. Competitors are finding out that the sooner they implement a SEO plan, the sooner they will achieve Organic listings on the SERP’s. The longer you wait will only result in the SEO Campaign being more difficult and costly to catch up.

5. Trying to Do Your Own Marketing, including Internet Marketing
When discussing budgets and search engine optimization, it is probable that you are running your business or at least starting your business on your own, as most beginning businesses do. You may know everything there is to know about your product, but how much do you know about the Internet or about SEO? You will be spending your energy on product management, budgeting, working with your bank, and all of the other things that new business owners do that spending your energy on necessary things may require that you hire a search engine business, the same way you would hire an accountant or a firm that produces your product. An SEO firm will keep you in tune with all of the pertinent changes, keep you apprised of changes in the Internet marketing industry and keep you in front of the competition by using their expertise in the industry that you may not know about.

You may be the best at what you do – maybe it’s cell phones, or roofers, or pest control….but SEO firms are the best at what they do. They spend years studying the demographics of the country, of various types of businesses, and of the newest and latest changes in the Internet. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Internet marketing is a simple task that can be done like ordering business cards or running an ad in the local newspaper. An Internet marketing firm is trained and keeps abreast of the most current needs of businesses, whether new or established.

Consider, when you are planning your business budget, the cost of a marketing firm that can present you on the Internet and make those who see your ads not only want your product, but truly be convinced that they need your product. Could you do that for your product? Would you be willing to gamble the success of your product to find out? Most who are truly dedicated to beginning their business wouldn’t gamble if they didn’t have to. Beginning the business is a big enough gamble…don’t gamble when it isn’t . necessary. Hire an SEO that can eliminate at least one thing for you. You won’t be disappointed.