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An Entrepreneur Heart-to-Heart Talk About Internet Marketing!

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

Everybody’s advertising product works, right? Wrong! After spending 24 years in business for myself, a marketing consultant was constantly rambling in and demanding my time. Can you relate? To tell you the truth, I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing programs that didn’t work. I knew which programs to keep and the ones to ditch! Then, I came across Internet Marketing! This is the absolute paramount program accessible today! Why? Search is the potential client (with checkbook in hand) looking for my product or service, so, I Market to them by placing my Website visible right in front of them. No more cold calling – this is hot leads that are ready to buy! If I’m not there – they find my competitor there and I lose! Sound Familiar? NOT ANYMORE! Thanks to Google, Yahoo & Bing!

Most entrepreneurs go in business to make lots of money! Some, I guess do it for a hobby! I’ve learned that I could go broke sitting on my couch – not busting my tail to lose money! Hey Entrepreneur, LISTEN UP! Google is the new yellow pages! The greatest thing is that the numbers are not based on some percentage which sounds good! I like to say, “the proof is in the pudding” meaning, it’s all about the ROI! Internet Marketing allows the leads to be Listed and Recorded. You then can track which callers become clients! No more “hoping the program works” or “I know I have to advertise” and “it’s a good write-off”!

You thought Billboards were great in their day – well place your billboard on the super highway! You know, you can have a billboard on a busy street and not even be seen. Every time we go to Branson, my wife, kids & I are engaged in the billboards in that 20 mile stretch before we get there, why? They are spaced out to seize our responsiveness, then we are fascinated in their messages. We have a list of the exact things we want to do when we get there! So it is with Search Marketing, it is placing your chief message in front of very attentive customers. Your website is the instrument to have them making out the list of the products / services they want to purchase from you!

Internet Marketing should be all about the Return-On-Investment! Spending money on programs that don’t work is thoughtless! Finding the right medium to get your message out in front of buyers is intelligent! Every business is distinct and different! There are Internet Marketing tactics that can be tailor-made for your business. Find someone in the Internet Marketing world that you can trust and then be open with them. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to know that I am making my client lots of money! Tell me your victories and I can work the program to even work better for you. Believe me, I’ve been in the trenches sweating it out always hoping for a better month and I finally found some powerful marketing secrets that turned things around.

Remember those goals you set? Getting the kids through college or building that dream home? Whatever it is, I’d love to visit with you and help you complete those dreams!