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The Fred Update

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local search marketing okcYet another Google update occurred earlier this year on March 8th, 2017. Known as ‘Fred,’ it’s left some website reeling, worth traffic dropping by as much as 90 percent. Clearly, Google’s Fred update is going to cause a lot of webmasters a lot of concerns, but what, exactly, is Fred targeting? And if you do get a kicking from the latest update, how can you adapt your site, so it is Fred-friendly? We’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about Google Fred and ensure that you are up to speed and that your website is back up on its feet as quickly as possible.

The guidelines

Webmasters are sometimes their own worst enemy. When Google update their algorithms, there is often plenty of warnings – the algorithm for the Fred upgrade, for example, is clearly forewarned in Google’s webmaster guidelines. It states that sites with poor-quality, shallow content will be affected, as will sites with a heavy lean towards advertising. Affiliate heavy sites are also going to expect to take a hit on their rankings. But one of the most important aspects of Fred is that the algorithm update is taking a bigger look at local sites – which we’ll go into a little later.

The typical site hit

According to, many of the sites affected by the Google Fred update are all showing remarkable similarities. Many of those that took a 50-90 percent drop in traffic were content websites which appear as if they are all producing low-quality, poorly researched content that is placing advertising and revenue over and above helping their audience with interesting topics. Interestingly, almost all of the sites include ads and affiliate links heavily sprinkled throughout the content, and none of them are industry expert sites – just generic, thin churn that you see everywhere else, and places that actually have little value to the visitor.

Unaffected sites

There is also a common theme between sites that have remained untouched. Good quality content is the key to avoiding a penalty from Google’s Fred update, and webmasters of unaffected sites appear to be offering long-form, well-researched articles and content such as infographics, video, and podcasts as well as written posts.

Getting your rankings back on track

So, what do you do if Fred has, effectively, taken down your site? Losing up to 90 percent of your traffic from Google is a problem – and could see your revenue disappearing altogether. There are a few things you should look at doing, which we’re going to take a look at now. The first step, as always, is to check your analytics. If there is a significant drop in traffic between the beginning and middle of March, it’s undoubtedly down to the effects of Fred. The next step is to go back to Google’s webmaster advice, and read it – all the information you need to ensure your website is Google-friendly is there.


Local for Local: It Matters to Get a Local SEO Partner

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Marketing is often a no-brainer decision for companies, especially in today’s ultra-exposed society. Everyone is on their smart phones, laptops and pads, and the potential to get new customers or better website traffic is immense. At any given moment, millions use the Internet and thousands of them may become a new patron.

For this, businesses need SEO (search engine optimization) or more specifically, a partner SEO agency. The field is highly technical, although the premise is simple, so it’s better to hand over the online marketing stuff to professionals. For someone who knows little about advertising and marketing, looking for a competent SEO company would be challenging. It pays off in the end, but it has to be the right SEO partner with the right attributes.

Not many SEO agencies will say this, but many of them are highly efficient. They know what they need to do, as they will be operating within an established spine of rules and methods. But, it’s easy to fall for a big SEO agency that can promise quick results and turnarounds. More than that, they didn’t get big for no reason; they must know their SEO for them to be successful. But, would it be wiser to pick WMS, a smaller but local SEO agency than, Moz, a big one? The answer would be a resounding yes.

If local SEO agencies are worth anything, it’s their awareness of the area. As actual residents of this city and that town, they are more in line with what works with people. Forget link building, auditing and behavior strategy for a second, local SEO companies simply have the same mindsets as local customers. New businesses and small startups would benefit greatly from that kind of assistance. Every enterprise that ever succeeded had regional success first before going national, a most vital role of a local SEO.

Of course, an SEO company has to be competent is they are to have an impact to a business. To owners and managers looking for the SEO partners that will give them max return on their money, choose the ones who can confidently say “I don’t know.” Strange, yes, but they usually know how to explain how SEO will work for their clients. It’s only right that they don’t know, nothing has been started yet and they still have no basis for a solution.
After that, the conversation can go to the SEO-specific stuff. These are link building (a particularly important one), pay-per-click campaigns (if necessary), website development (vital) and social media presence (for today’s young ones).

Where to Press
As a newbie to online marketing, it’s best to come to an SEO company knowing a few things. It’s only wise to have some semblance of what they will be talking about or where they will take the company. But, being a local business consulting with a local SEO agency, there are some things to focus on.

NAP – It stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Any SEO agency knows that getting this right is crucial if customers are to find their client. It’s a local optimizer’s responsibility to update information in online listings. Not only does this help locating the business, it helps users of certain websites to direct praises to the company and feature them in an article. Inaccuracy in this aspect is a killer mistake, so make sure to press them on it.

Mobile Responsiveness – People are doing searches, reviews and inquiries over their phone. So, a mobile-responsive site would be perfect. Again, any SEO agency already knows this. Nonetheless, it helps to lay it on them thick that the focus should be on mobile users.

Controversial – It may be unorthodox to ask, but it actually helps to raise a little hell. Whether in a new piece of content or through a poll in social media, there are ways of inciting conversation and gaining brand exposure. This is something that will rub on people something funny, but it will get them talking or noticing.

It will only get complicated from here. Still, the target is to get more exposure. In getting more local residents looking, local SEO is the better choice.

Big Things Come in Local Packages

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The effectiveness of a SEO campaign is measurable in different ways. This is one of the many ways that makes the industry simultaneously unique and confusing to most people outside the business. Most businesses think that when they partner with an agency, they need to rank with general keywords, when in reality, they can begin locally.

The Little Things Matter

SEO OKCThe true beauty of Search Engine Optimization isn’t how it can help elevate the status of a business through digital exposure, but in the number of ways they can achieve it. Local search is a good option to get a campaign off the ground, especially when it becomes apparent that a company is running into a few challenges.

Local search should be an integral part of any initial SEO campaign, as there are several advantages that small to medium businesses can benefit from the get-go. The first – and most important – of these advantages is that businesses will be able to see the fruits of their efforts as soon as possible. This is especially true for B2B companies with multiple locations.

When a business makes changes, such as switching phone numbers, moving to new locations, or rebranding itself, which happens often, it almost never updates the information on the website. Keeping the information on a website as accurate as possible is one of those little things that can pay dividends down the road. For example, if a business expands to new locations, simply adding the new listings to local citation sites can help a website get hundreds of new backlinks that contribute an organic boost.

Google Magnifies Local

It also helps that Google is making local search one of its biggest priorities in recent years. Updates like Pigeon help local businesses with the intent of ranking locally get a leg-up over companies listed as national. This isn’t bias; Google’s logic realizes that if a user is looking for a service, they’re probably searching for providers that are the closest to them.

Internet marketing is at its most effective when it’s able to reach its intended audience, and nothing’s more direct than local search. Always have local search as an option to establish and strengthen a base in a new location if the national market is proving hostile.

Share with us how your business has noticed huge rewards by being found in the local SERP’s.

Local Search Marketing Basics for Small Business Owners

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Pay Per Click OKCAs a small business owner, your marketing budget is bound to be understandably limited, which means every dollar has to count. While real-world efforts can be expensive and difficult to track for ROI, the online arena offers a bounty of marketing options that can be far more affordable and deliver tracking capabilities that simply don’t exist in traditional, real-world marketing. For many business owners, these tools and opportunities come with a learning curve. But with just a bit of knowledge, you can start making the most of local search marketing options. Here are a few basics to explore.

If you have yet to create a business website, it is imperative that you do so. Your online efforts are made all the more effective by creating this base of operations, often the first experience prospective customers will have with your business. Like any first impression, you need to make a good one where your website is concerned. It also acts as the hub for your SEO efforts and expanding your online presence. You don’t necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg on your business website, but you definitely need to put some time and effort into making it functional, attractive, and easy to navigate.

From there, you should start to claim directory listings. Sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, and Google My Business may already have listings for your business. And by claiming them, you can ensure that customers seeking your services have access to accurate contact information, a link to your website, and the opportunity to post queries or even comments. The wonderful thing about these directory listings is that they not only funnel local business, but they also provide you with yet another means of connecting with current and prospective customers. In the end, this gives you the opportunity to open lines of communication and engage your audience.

You should also consider the benefits of pay per click marketing. As a local search marketing tool, it can be a relatively affordable way for small businesses to reach a desired demographic and funnel targeted traffic. It further provides you with an ability to track and analyze resultant data to gauge the success of marketing campaigns. Print and broadcast advertising can entail significantly more expense, yield lesser results, and provide very little in the way of tracking tools to help you determine what worked and what went wrong. There is no shortage of options when it comes to utilizing local search marketing tools. But for the small business owner just beginning to understand available options, solid web design, online directories, and pay-per-click advertising are a great place to get started.