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Facebook’s Recent Bold Moves, And Why They Should Inspire Internet Marketers

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

seo marketingFacebook is at it again. The social sharing site and leading online company with a multi-billion dollar valuation is making headlines again — this time for its progress with new, 3-D face recognition technology. Last month, Facebook published research on a new program called DeepFace. DeepFace can correctly identify a subject in two separate photographs 97.25% of the time, CNN reports. What exactly does DeepFace do, and what can internet marketers learn from it?

Facebook: A Leader In 3-D Face Recognition Technology

Many do not realize that Facebook is already using facial-recognition technology. When Facebook asks whether you would like to tag friends in pictures, that is facial-recognition technology in action. DeepFace, Facebook continues, would go one step further. “Most current facial-recognition software struggles with images that don’t include clear, frontal views of their subjects,” according to CNN. “That’s not the case with DeepFace, which creates 3-D models of the faces in photos and then analyzes them using artificial-intelligence technology known as ‘deep learning.'”

What Facebook Teaches Us About SEO Marketing

Facebook’s continual efforts to stay current and immediate can teach us a great deal about the best search engine optimization — or SEO — strategies. By mastering 3-D face recognition, Facebook is aiming to stay on top of current technologies. This is very important. Similarly, local SEO, and SEO techniques in general, should always take the latest technology and industry wisdom into consideration. Traditional laptops, for example, are being replaced by hybrid models and tablets. Smartphones are also very popular. For that reason, marketers need to carefully optimize sites for all platforms — not just laptops and desktop PCs.

Likewise, Facebook’s recent progress with face recognition — coupled with the purchases of messaging platform WhatsAPP and virtual reality company Oculus — make it clear: in order to be successful, online marketing campaigns should be comprehensive and varied. Reinforce SEO marketing with strong PPC advertising, retargeted ads, and/or email campaigns to ensure success at every step along the way. Using multiple strategies will help in the event of unexpected change — such as adjustments to important Google search algorithms.

Internet marketers can easily learn from Facebook’s ongoing success. Take a leaf out of Facebook’s book by using the latest technologies in all SEO campaigns. Double-up efforts — and ensure success — by using a variety of strategies, such as PPC and email marketing, to reinforce SEO campaigns.