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For The First Time, Facebook Urges Users to Be More Private

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

seo serviceAfter several lawsuits and ongoing questions about the legality of data mining, Facebook is urging its users to err on the side of caution. “Facebook announced today that its 1.28 billion users will be getting a privacy tune-up in the coming weeks,” ABC News reports. In other words, a prompt with a blue cartoon dinosaur will ask users to reconsider sharing information from mobile apps, such as the recently acquired Moves, publicly. “Newbies to Facebook will also be treated differently, the company said. Their first posts will be set to friends only, whereas for many users, it was previously set to public,” ABC continues.

Why is Facebook Making Radical Changes?
Just a few months ago, users sued Facebook for allegedly sharing the content of private messages. Since then, the internet giant has taken defensive steps. The social sharing site announced today that it will not risk the privacy of new users, who may not be familiar with Facebook’s settings and may inadvertently share too much information without a little help. “Facebook says users are sometimes worried about sharing something by accident, or sharing with the wrong audience,” The Washington Post explains. New privacy setting changes will protect new users from doing that. The preventative measures are being implemented directly on Facebook — and indirectly, on mobile applications.

Marketers Learn a Thing or Two From Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook’s decision to change its privacy settings is significant — and translates directly to internet marketing and some of the best SEO techniques. How? Facebook’s recent policy changes show that, in order to remain successful and profitable, SEO services must be current and flexible. Just like Facebook has addressed growing privacy concerns, SEO services should carefully research any changes to Google’s algorithms and make adjustments as necessary.

The changes also drive home the point that — whether it is Facebook settings or SEO packages — what once worked doesn’t always work. Being willing to roll with the punches and make the effort to find out what is most effective for modern consumers, clients, and/or marketers is half of the battle.

Once again, Facebook is making changes — and, this time, the changes are out of necessity. Zuckerberg demonstrates that marketers must be adaptable and willing to change policies (or advertising and marketing tactics) to meet current needs and demands.