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Four Important Trends for SEO in 2014

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

SEO servicesGoogle algorithm updates like Penguin, Panda, and the explosive Hummingbird have drastically changed the SEO world, and businesses who want to earn high links on search engine results pages will find that the tactics that worked just a year ago have become completely outdated and irrelevant. But, despite what some may believe, that does not mean that SEO is dead. Instead, it has evolved into a new challenge for businesses that will result in web users finding more valuable content and better websites when they click on a link. As a result, businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition will need to pay attention to some of the best SEO tips for 2014.

Three Pillars
Effective SEO campaigns today will be comprised of three main pillars: links, content, and social media. Links need to be genuine and from reputable sites, content needs to be created with the end user in mind, and social media has to be used to amplify reach. For some owners, a balance between the three can be challenging, so getting help from experts who provide great SEO services is a smart decision.

Build Brands, Not Links
In the past, techniques like link farming worked well to earn high rankings on results pages. However, those strategies are more likely to result in consequences and punishments than an improved business. Over time, building a reliable and authoritative brand is the best way to earn and maintain strong rankings.

Optimize for Mobile Use
According to stats from Pew Internet, half of Americans own smartphones and a third own tablets, which means sites need to be optimized for mobile use. Americans make billions of dollars’ worth of purchases from their mobile devices, and that number is consistently growing. Optimizing for mobile users is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Be Creative
The one thing that has remained important, even as Google has made lots of changes, is that businesses need to be creative if they want to stand out online. The internet is loaded with sites that all offer similar products and services, and it can be hard for individual sites to set themselves apart. By focusing on great content and doing things differently than the competition, businesses will be able to thrive online. For owners and managers who lack the creative drive, taking advantage of creative pros who provide SEO services is a good idea.

Whether a business wants massive reach or just hopes to execute a small, well-developed local SEO campaign, keeping these things in mind is important for success in 2014 and beyond. But doing that does not mean that there will not be obstacles and difficulties that arise. When they do show up, enlisting the help of reliable SEO services will always prove to be a worthwhile decision.