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Time For Change in Internet Marketing Strategy?

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

As 2014 comes to an end, it is time to look back at your business and decide if you are doing everything you can to grow. One thing that most small business owners forget is that a business has to at least grow at the rate of inflation or else risk losing money. For example, if the rate of inflation was five percent and your business only grew three percent, then you are losing money by just keeping your doors open and that is no way to run a company.

Did you do everything you could to promote your business in 2014? How about Internet marketing? Did you finally make the move to take advantage of the digital marketing options you have been reading about? At this point, we can pretty much establish the fact that the Internet is a legitimate marketplace and an effective way to reach customers. So why aren’t you using the Internet to grow your business?

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More Of The Same In 2015?

In 2014, how much time did you spend running your business and how much time did you spend growing your business? Many small business owners get so caught up in their inefficient business habits that they never seem to find the time to take care of the activities that could put more money on their bottom lines. Does that sound like you? Are you expecting more of the same in 2015?

You Looked Into Using The Internet But …

At some point in 2014, you started doing research on SEO techniques and Internet marketing with the intent of actually starting a new marketing direction. But, after a while, you put your research down and got back to doing the same old marketing tactics. Will 2015 be another year where you promise yourself that you will look into using the Internet to grow your business, but then find yourself sidetracked?

The Competition Is Already Way Ahead Of You

In 2014, your competition invested in a professional website and hired a professional Internet marketing firm to help them maximize the potential of digital marketing. The end result was that you fell further behind in market share and the competition is way ahead of you to start 2015.

Now is the time for you to shift marketing tactics and take the Internet seriously. You need to recognize the fact that your competition is using the Internet to take your customers from you and leave you in the dust. In 2015, it is time for you to completely embrace the Internet.

A Website Is Mandatory

A good online marketing strategy uses a professional company website as its foundation. These days, if you do not have a website, then your company might as well not exist. Not only do you need a website, but your site needs to be interactive and offer solutions for your customers.

Your competition has a website with a sales component on it and that helped your competition to raise revenue by over 20 percent, but without the need to bring on more staff. How is that possible? Because Internet sales require significantly less personnel and your competition simply integrated their Internet sales with their regular sales process and was able to increase revenue without taking on more costs.

The Internet Will Make Your Business International

Brick and mortar businesses that stick to the notion that foot traffic is their main source of revenue are starting to struggle in this global economy. A comprehensive online marketing plan will allow your business to reach customers all over the world and open up new streams of revenue that you never could have imagined in the past.

Social Media Can Help Your Business To Go Viral

Throughout the history of corporate marketing, nothing is more effective than word-of-mouth advertising. That is still true in the age of the Internet and a good marketing firm can help you to take full advantage of the marketing reach of the Internet to grow your business.

Social media offers an international platform where you can develop the most effective word-of-mouth advertising your company has ever seen. A good marketing firm will get people talking about your company on social media and that translates into more customers and more revenue.

In 2015, it is time to embrace the Internet and use its marketing potential to grow your business. Before the competition leaves you in the dust and threatens the very existence of your business, you need to get to work on an online marketing strategy and do everything you can to use the power of the Internet in your favor.