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Local for Local: It Matters to Get a Local SEO Partner

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

Marketing is often a no-brainer decision for companies, especially in today’s ultra-exposed society. Everyone is on their smart phones, laptops and pads, and the potential to get new customers or better website traffic is immense. At any given moment, millions use the Internet and thousands of them may become a new patron.

For this, businesses need SEO (search engine optimization) or more specifically, a partner SEO agency. The field is highly technical, although the premise is simple, so it’s better to hand over the online marketing stuff to professionals. For someone who knows little about advertising and marketing, looking for a competent SEO company would be challenging. It pays off in the end, but it has to be the right SEO partner with the right attributes.

Not many SEO agencies will say this, but many of them are highly efficient. They know what they need to do, as they will be operating within an established spine of rules and methods. But, it’s easy to fall for a big SEO agency that can promise quick results and turnarounds. More than that, they didn’t get big for no reason; they must know their SEO for them to be successful. But, would it be wiser to pick WMS, a smaller but local SEO agency than, Moz, a big one? The answer would be a resounding yes.

If local SEO agencies are worth anything, it’s their awareness of the area. As actual residents of this city and that town, they are more in line with what works with people. Forget link building, auditing and behavior strategy for a second, local SEO companies simply have the same mindsets as local customers. New businesses and small startups would benefit greatly from that kind of assistance. Every enterprise that ever succeeded had regional success first before going national, a most vital role of a local SEO.

Of course, an SEO company has to be competent is they are to have an impact to a business. To owners and managers looking for the SEO partners that will give them max return on their money, choose the ones who can confidently say “I don’t know.” Strange, yes, but they usually know how to explain how SEO will work for their clients. It’s only right that they don’t know, nothing has been started yet and they still have no basis for a solution.
After that, the conversation can go to the SEO-specific stuff. These are link building (a particularly important one), pay-per-click campaigns (if necessary), website development (vital) and social media presence (for today’s young ones).

Where to Press
As a newbie to online marketing, it’s best to come to an SEO company knowing a few things. It’s only wise to have some semblance of what they will be talking about or where they will take the company. But, being a local business consulting with a local SEO agency, there are some things to focus on.

NAP – It stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Any SEO agency knows that getting this right is crucial if customers are to find their client. It’s a local optimizer’s responsibility to update information in online listings. Not only does this help locating the business, it helps users of certain websites to direct praises to the company and feature them in an article. Inaccuracy in this aspect is a killer mistake, so make sure to press them on it.

Mobile Responsiveness – People are doing searches, reviews and inquiries over their phone. So, a mobile-responsive site would be perfect. Again, any SEO agency already knows this. Nonetheless, it helps to lay it on them thick that the focus should be on mobile users.

Controversial – It may be unorthodox to ask, but it actually helps to raise a little hell. Whether in a new piece of content or through a poll in social media, there are ways of inciting conversation and gaining brand exposure. This is something that will rub on people something funny, but it will get them talking or noticing.

It will only get complicated from here. Still, the target is to get more exposure. In getting more local residents looking, local SEO is the better choice.

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