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Satisfied With Current SEO Service?

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

SEO shouldn’t be treated like some faceless business necessity. You need someone whom you can depend upon, trust and converse with that’s capable of providing you with the latest solutions in providing measurable SEO growth and the tools that should go with it.

Let’s go over what your SEO service should be like. Think about your current SEO provider and the ones whom you’ve either worked with or looked at as prospective providers of search engine optimization in the past.

1. Can You Measure Your SEO Service’s Results?

The ability to have cold, hard numbers in your hand that can illustrate the success of an SEO campaign is vital to ensuring that it stays both efficient and results-oriented.

Your SEO service should be providing you with the following things:

  • Improved Search Engine Visibility
  • Phone calls detailing their progress
  • Email reports
  • Spreadsheets and Graphs of your site’s progress in SERPs

2. How Well Does Your SEO Service Communicate With You?

You need to be able to call or email your SEO service and expect a reply within an hour. It’s important that you have open channels of communication, as you want to be able to refocus your SEO on press releases, news stories and other articles that your business may publish that would be smart to incorporate into your SEO strategy.

3. How Close is Your SEO Provider?

Sometimes, it’s important to be able to talk to someone in person. This helps you gauge your SEO provider’s efforts and worth while allowing him to have a feel for what you want your business to be perceived as by the Internet.

Remember that an SEO campaign isn’t just about an increase in your SERPs. It can create a secondary effect of multiple streams of direct traffic through the use of off-site web properties.

4. Does Your SEO Provider Keep You Updated?

SEO constantly changes, which means that white hat SEO strategies are about adapting when the need arises.

Determining when that need is apparent requires that your SEO provider be can show you progress and update you on the most current SEO strategies.

If your SEO service isn’t providing you with a comprehensive game plan that you can understand, then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see the results you desire. It’s important that your SEO company do more than to just give you more links, as true White-Hat SEO services require a comprehensive and long-term business plan.