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More SEO Services Urge Use Of Social Media

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

For new and small businesses in particular, the value of certain long-term investments can be difficult to grasp, especially when it comes to Web marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). And, once business owners have come to terms with the importance of SEO services, the last thing they want to hear is that, alone, it isn’t enough. For the very best search engine marketing strategy, businesses must invest in SEO and social media. Here’s why:

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Social Media And Content Marketing Go Hand-In-Hand

Take a moment and imagine life without Facebook. There would be fewer baby pictures and fewer people arguing about the true colors of #thedress. Yes, there would even be fewer people announcing to Facebook that they are sick of hearing about #thedress while they, ironically, keep the conversation going. More importantly, millions — if not billions — of businesses would be out of a viable medium to promote content.

While 93% of internet use starts on Google or another top-ranking search engine, billions of people frequent Facebook and Twitter. Companies rely on social media pages for a place to get the word out. Thanks to social media platforms, content has a much broader reach, with the potential to be read by more internet users than ever before. What’s more, social media profiles and pages often show up on search engine result pages; generally speaking, the more pages you have and the closer to the top (three-quarters of users stick to the first results page), the better.

Reputation Is Everything

Joan Jett is possibly the only one who can say she doesn’t *ahem* care one whit about her bad reputation. In the modern world, reputation and appearances are everything — and that is true online, too. SEO consultants generally agree: a strong online presence can go a long way. Quality SEO services, in addition to tweaking and updating webpages for SEO value, will also make certain your website looks sleek and professional. All contact information must be current and accurate. Blogs should be regularly updated (blogs have an average company-wide ROI of 79%), and — yes — you should have links to social media profile pages. Customers expect these basic things, and not having them will hurt your company.

Search engine optimization does not exist in a vacuum. In order to have the very best search marketing strategy, companies should carefully support their efforts with social media plugs and professional social media profile pages.

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