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Two Things You Need To Make SEO A Success

Written by Website Marketing on . Posted in Website Marketing

SEO Marketing Oklahoma CityIt’s an oft-repeated mantra: “SEO is dead.” While search engine optimization (SEO) may be continually evolving (yes, today’s tactics are very different than old-hat SEO), search engine marketing is not dead. Here’s why: Search engines, as a whole, are worth approximately $16 billion — and that number is only going up. More people use Google than ever before, and more often than ever before, thanks to mobile devices. The trick then is learning how users’ search habits are changing, and — whenever possible — staying one step ahead.

A Successful SEO Campaign Demands Constant Attention

Let’s say you want to get into shape. You wouldn’t exercise one day for a five-hour long streak, running at the fastest possible speed on the treadmill and lifting the highest possible weight, and then give up for the next six months. However, many people who are new to the business expect the equivalent SEO strategy to work. They invest in links, an email campaign, some keywords, maybe five blog posts and some paid advertising, and they think they are all set for the next two years. That’s just not how it works. First, in order to make the very best impression to consumers or clientele, businesses should make a point of updating websites several times per week at the very least. Second, businesses should continually take rising trends (like mobile marketing) into account and adjust web marketing and SEO services accordingly.

Be Patient

For any high quality SEO company, patience is a virtue. Once again, most of us wouldn’t resolve to eat healthier, spend a single day eating apples, greens, and lean protein, and then give up forever the next day because “it’s not working.” Inbound strategies, like SEO and email marketing, can be invaluable to an SEO company, but they may take time. Keep your chin up; inbound leads also cost less (61% less, even!). With the money you save, you can test the waters of some of the latest strategies to see if you can come out ahead.

Nearly all (93%) internet use begins with search. You can profit from that, but you have to be willing to give email campaigns and well-chosen keywords time to work, and you have to set out to perfect strategies, constantly looking for the next big thing.

Oh! The next time you perceive the rumor that “SEO is dead”, you just might check out the job opportunities that are listed on any job-search site. I just have a strong conviction that your competitor understands the importance of new leads and clients from being found on the 1st page of the search engines.