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Video SEO Marketing: Oklahoma City

Leverage the Power of Video to Rank Your Website, Engage Your Prospects, and Generate More Profits for Your Business! You’ve been told a lie.

For around a decade now, so-called experts have been trying to convince you that successful online marketing is about gaming the search engines. Flooding your website with a steady stream of content – never mind the quality – and letting them spam the entire Internet with links back to your site.

But things have changed, haven’t they?

These past few years, Google has become stricter than ever, and many business owners have seen rankings plummet. Maybe the last few updates spared you, but could you be next?

Nothing hurts more than seeing a steady revenue stream dry up and disappear overnight…

But these concerns don’t stop the “experts,” do they?

Instead of backing off, they tell you more links are the key. Instead of creating higher quality content, they keep cutting corners on your online message and pitching you the latest shortcut to top rankings.

Listen, Google always wins. And Google wants, in their own words, “content that engages, educates and incentivizes users to stay on a company’s website.”
So what type of quality online content engages visitors most?

Video SEO Oklahoma City

The answer is a no-brainer – video SEO!

Not only is video increasingly important for rankings, but, unlike spammy, filler SEO content, it actually closes deals.
The stats cannot be ignored!

  • According to Forrester Research, videos are 50 times as likely to rank than text-only pages.
  • aimClear reports that search results with a video format enjoy 41% better click-throughs.
  • comScore finds that website visitors stay on-site a whopping two minutes longer on average if the website has video.
  • Video thumbnails in search engine results bring in twice as much traffic, according to visibility IQ.
  • Moz claims that a post with video receives three times more inbound links – naturally!

There is no doubt that video has tremendous power for getting your website the results that you want. But how can you be sure your videos aren’t a wasted effort?

Well, you still need a comprehensive marketing strategy for your video campaigns to start. And since Google hasn’t perfected their system, yet, it’s still crucial to use SEO markers that help them decide whether you have the content their users are looking for.

You also need to create videos that actually help your prospects; otherwise, it doesn’t matter if they find your message; it will just fall flat.

Are you ready to start working with Google instead of against them?

Let’s put together a long-term Video SEO Marketing plan that gets your message in front of your customers, builds your brand, and leads to more conversions and sales.

After all, that’s what online marketing is supposed to be about.

To learn how Web Marketing Solutions can be the key to your business dominating search, increasing conversions and driving quality traffic to your website get in touch with one of our Video SEO specialists now by calling 405-777-3381 or filling out your information on our contact form.